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$330,000 in projects to improve the
lake will be completed in 2006!

Project Description
Estimated Cost
Funding Source

Lake Recharge Study: 

The cities of Omaha and Carter Lake are jointly funding an engineering study to make recommendations for a long term solution for lake level stabilization.

City of Omaha:  $13,000

City of Carter Lake:  $13,000

Watershed Protection Program Development Grant

Gather data to support watershed planning process such as GIS assessment, stakeholder survey, and study of past analysis.

Division of Soil Conservation -- Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship: $10,000

West Pottawattamie County Soil and Water Conservation District:  $4,000

Carter Lake Club Shoreline Walking Trail

Approximately 1,600 linear feet of sidewalk will be removed and replaced with new six foot wide sidewalk to make this area an attractive walkway and trail system.

 Iowa West Foundation: $12,500

City of Carter Lake: $12,500

Improving the Carter Lake Club Park shoreline and park area. 

Approximately 1000' of rip rap or shore armoring will be completed.  In addition, the park will get additional grading, irrigating, seeding, tree planting and lighting.

Iowa DNR: $27,000

City of Carter Lake: $6,000 of in kind match of labor and equipment.

Reclaim Lake Front near Mabrey Park

Dig out or dredge the dry cove on the south edge of Mabrey Park where lake front homes have lost access to the lake.  A rain garden will replace a city storm water outlet in the southwest area of the cove.

Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors: $98,400.

Wavecrest Park Shoreline Improvement

Armor 240 feet of shoreline, add rip rap around the existing jetty, provide a sandy beach area and seed and plant trees and shrubs in areas of the park that were disturbed by construction. 

Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors: $34,500.

8th and Avenue R Fishing Area

Armoring approximately 108' of shoreline, grading, seeding and paving a small parking area at the south end.

Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors:  $15,100.

Mabrey Park fishing jetty

Construct a new 100' x 40' fishing jetty north of the boat ramp.

Pottawattamie County Board: $15,000.

Four Rain Gardens in Club Park

Four storm sewer outlets drain into the lake in the “Club Park”.  These storm drains will be replaced with four rain gardens to ensure the storm water from the city of Carter Lake is filtered before entering the lake.

Park and lakeside homeowners will maintain these gardens for years to come.

Carter Lake Preservation Society: $4,000 for the plants, signage, and materials. 

City of Carter Lake: $4,000 of in kind match of labor and equipment.

Master Development Plan for the Lake

Long term watershed and economic development plans need to be formalized for Carter Lake.
Est. $50,000

Iowa DNR:  $23,000

Looking for funding from Nebraska.

Bathymetric Survey

Survey of the lake to determine lake depths and volumes which would be needed to evaluate dredging quantities and targeted areas.


Nebraska DEQ:  $10,000

Total Mean Daily Load Study

The TMDL will determine how much of a nutrient load the lake can handle.


Environmental Protection Area: Region 7

Mini Grant for 2007 Lake Clean Up

Funding requested for postage, signage and mesh bags.
Iowa DNR, REAP and Project Aware:  $1,000

Golf Course Storm Water Retention Pond Refurbishment

Enlarge storm water holding area on east side of Shoreline Golf Course to accommodate additional storm water and build bioswale for storm water run off across the golf course.

City of Carter Lake, Shoreline Golf Course and additional grant funding.

Summary of Funding Sources

Total Amount Committed
Pottawattamie County Board of Supervisors
Iowa Department of Natural Resources
City of Carter Lake
Iowa Department of Agriculture and
West Pott. County Soil and Water Conservation
City of Omaha
Iowa West Foundation
Nebraska DEQ
Carter Lake Preservation Society
Looking for a Nebraska Stakeholder

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