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CLPS Logo Embroidered Apparel
Ever wanted a hat, shirt or jacket with the CLPS Logo
embroidered on it?  Through a special arrangement with Sharp Stitches of Council Bluffs, you can now purchase CLPS apparel directly from the vendor.
 Ordering is easy .... click on the link below to the special CLPS Sharp Stitches web page.  Select the kind of apparel you want, complete the order form and Sharp Stitches will do the rest.
The cost of the item is listed ... and embroidery is $5.00 additional per logo.  The finished product will be sent to your home or you can pick it up at the store.

Click here to go to Sharp Stitches for CLPS Stuff

Note:  Sharp Stitches is a local business that supports the efforts of the CLPS by donating a portion of the procedes from each sale to our organization.


Carter Lake Preservation Society
107 Shoal Drive
Carter Lake, Iowa   51510
Phone: (712) 347-6455